Read my lips

Read my lips


Friday, May 16, 2014

Movie Adventures

Cape Town is now officially my home for the next 4 months. I am working on an action film titled 'Momentum', which is being produced by Anton Ernst and Directed by world renowned cinematographer Stephen Campanelli. This is Stephen's first film that he is directing and I'm in the process of helping him document as much as possible from pre-production through until shooting begins and ends.

My role on the film is to photograph and create all the behind the scenes material for marketing the movie. I honestly think my position in the film industry is really one of the most exciting, I get to observe and capture the magic that goes into creating a high end hollywood film.

The above photograph is the view from a penthouse apartment in the Hip House building  situated in the trendy west end of Cape Towns CBD. Apparently they throw major parties up there in the summer time, but we were there scouting the location to potentially use in the film.

I will continue blogging about my journey on this production and all the interesting people I get to meet and work with. It's a dream to be able to work and live in this pretty city for a while. I doubt I'll ever wanna leave!

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