Read my lips

Read my lips


Thursday, April 12, 2012

SAFashion week - The fittings with TWO

The ladies of the label TWO are known for their simplicity, soft and comfy fabrics that remain classic and easy to wear. I get a sense that their clothing and style fit into almost any part of your life wether it be going to work, a yoga class or even a night out. I think I relate to the TWO brand because I have a sister myself, whome I work with creatively in music and video production. 

Sometimes it's all about the shoes, and at TWO's fittings there were boxes of glittering heels lining up to fit the perfect pair of feet. 


One of the colour choices in the collection was a surprising mix of a neon yellow/green, that strangely reminded me of a packet of sour sweets. The bright colour either stood alone or was overlayed with a soft sheer and dark grey fabric softening the brightness, creating an interesting colour combination.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SAFashion week 29March-1April 2012 - The fittings - Urban Goddess

One of my favourite people who I met at this years first SAFashion week was the beautiful and petite Ramona Afonso from Urban goddess. As a young wife and mother she runs her own successful business and truly has a passion for fashion. Durring the fittings she really took as much time as she could to ensure that each model had the perfect cut garment to suite their body shape.
Ramona Afonso
Urban Goddess cater for a very modern, career driven woman who also enjoys looking sexy. One of my fashion loves at the moment is the exposed zipper which was a big feature in the collection as well as other interesting textures such as leather and studded detailing on sleeves and pleated vests. Colour blocking and strong shapes seemed to be a key style in the Urban Goddess range, which for me is a great choice for this corporate yet fashionable brand, showing off a woman who is in control both fashionably and career wise.  

The colour palet consists of a unique mix of mustards, black, chocolate browns, shades of grey and off white, sometimes adding a pop of aqua blue.