Read my lips

Read my lips


Friday, March 16, 2012

STARS-SA Summer Sale! March 2012

My band Aneva will be hosting the summer sale at Stars-SA, home of our exclusive clouthing line,
Aneva by Anex. The sale runs from the 12th March until the 31st March at 20% OFF.
We will be hosting in store on the 17 March for an exclusive one day sale at 50%OFF! If you buy 6 garments I will give you a FREE photo shoot on the day in the one of a kind pieces you just purchased.
You can also enjoy a drink with us and the designer just outside the shop. Looking forward to it !

The above video was shot in my studio read my lips. My sister Anastasia and I had a laugh and a half in front of the camera. I think we didn't do too badly considering we shot the whole thing by ourselves.

Monday, March 12, 2012

SAFashion week casting call - The boys

Finally my internet is behaving and I can share with you the the male model casting call for SAFashion week 2012. A string of well groomed men lined up outside until it was time to open the doors. The atmosphere completely changed from the feminine young woman gracing the hallway of the SAFW offices into a masculine array of chiseled features and statuesque bodies.

The first mens wear designer to arrive was Roman Handt. Before calling in the guys he sat down with Adhiambo and I and gave us a brief break down of the theme of his collection. I wont reveal the name of his collection just yet but to me his inspiration seems to stem from pressing issues of violence between the western and eastern parts of the world.


Paledi Segapo, the creative director at Palse Homme was up next. After our introductions our conversation touched on the general South African person's perspective on being fashion conscious. We both agreed that it is definitely harder to sell mens high-end fashion in SA as opposed to Europe. Maybe it is because South African's are more laid back and simply choose to live a certain lifestyle or because we all have many different cultures which influence our lives. For me it is definitely a challenge for certain areas of the fashion industry and topic worth exploring.


The last designer for the day was Ephraim Molingoana for the label Ephymol. Ephraim describes his label as "urban funk. It appeals to urban people irrespective of colour or gender. I get calls from Secunda to Melville. My range is aimed more at men because South African men need serious upliftment in fashion" - quote as written in haute fashion africa . Ephraim's description and statement about his label for me reflects back to the conversation I had with Paledi about South African's fashion mind set.