Read my lips

Read my lips


Friday, March 16, 2012

STARS-SA Summer Sale! March 2012

My band Aneva will be hosting the summer sale at Stars-SA, home of our exclusive clouthing line,
Aneva by Anex. The sale runs from the 12th March until the 31st March at 20% OFF.
We will be hosting in store on the 17 March for an exclusive one day sale at 50%OFF! If you buy 6 garments I will give you a FREE photo shoot on the day in the one of a kind pieces you just purchased.
You can also enjoy a drink with us and the designer just outside the shop. Looking forward to it !

The above video was shot in my studio read my lips. My sister Anastasia and I had a laugh and a half in front of the camera. I think we didn't do too badly considering we shot the whole thing by ourselves.

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