Read my lips

Read my lips


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SAFashion week March 2012 - Casting call - The Girls

It's SA Fashion week and I'm finally apart of it, thanks to Adhiambo Mula Lauwers one of the fashion week producers. So durring the month of March I will be documenting the process through which designers, models and producers bring the exciting event into action. My first trip to the fashion week offices was a day spent in a room full of striking models and quirky, passionate designers who are looking for the right personalities and faces to sashay down the runway.

The girls were up first, gathering in the hall way of the fashion week offices anxiously waiting to see for which designers they will strut the run for this season.

Hair back , shoes off and ready to walk.

Adhiambo Mula Lauwers

Designers such as Vasselina Pentcheva, Mantsho, TWO, Hermanna Rush, Urban Goddess and musician slash designer Liz Ogumbo (to name a few) all had a field day picking out the perfect looks. It was interesting to hear and see what different designers were looking for in look, walk and expression.

From left to right: Designer Liz Ogumbo,  producer Adhiambo Mula Lauwers, designer Mantsho.


  1. WOW! I AM SO EXCITED THAT MERCEDES BENZ IS HOSTING THIS YEAR AND EVEN MORE EXCITED THAT KENYAN NAMES ARE POPPING UP!!!I WOULD TERRIBLY LOVE TO INTERN,BE ASSISTANT OR HELP OUT STARTING TOMMORROW!Better late than Never I suppose.. Could you please please help me with finding a way to contact Liz Ogumbo or more importantly Adhiambo Mula Lauwers...Thnks...It will much Appreciated and ofcourse keep us posted..

  2. Hi claire
    Thanks for the comment:)
    Sorry i think you were thinking of the AFI Fashion week which was over the past weekend. we are working on the SAFashion week which starts from 29th March - 1 April.