Read my lips

Read my lips


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

behind the scenes - music video for the South African band If 6 was 9


there's me!

tomb raider inspired wardrobe

Anastasia learns how to shoot stunt guns

bike stunt scene

the band boys standing next to me


My sister Anastasia got the part to play an action heroin in the music video for South African band 'If 6 was 9'. She got to perform all her own stunts on set which included learning how to shoot real guns which have been modified for film and television sets. The explosion was one of the most exciting scenes for everyone. The catch was that they could only blow the motor bike up once, so she had to act as 'cool' and collected as possible to pull off that bad-ass attitude with out flinching at the hot flames and deafening explosion. Myself and the rest of the crew jumped out of our skins! hence my blurred shots.

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