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Read my lips


Monday, October 10, 2011

ifashion feature - Lisof - The design and fashion school

The thing that made my day today was seeing my photographs in a featured article in one of South Africa's on-line fashion magazines, ifashion. Colin O'Mara Davis spoke to Nicola Coop, Lisof lecturer, about the forthcoming inaugural LISOF magazine and the exciting projects and people who have helped create it. I think Nicola has a unique perspective and vision for the South African fashion industry, which truly comes from a freshly aggressive and inspiring point of view. She seems to recognize and take in the creativity of the people and places around her.

"Fashion has almost reverted back to being a statement rather than just pretty things to wear. We always have the pretty things to wear but I have really enjoyed this ballsy approach that Fashion and Designers have taken over the last decade. It is finally starting to sink in"

Read featured article here:

photographer Steve Marais

pieces of wardrobe
Steve Marais and model Marco Belloni

Nicola and Marco check out the cool shots

Nicola and Steve
The behind the scenes shots above are from the mens wear shoot shot at the Mai mai market in the heart of our African city Johannesburg. I have always wanted to photograph there and see another side of the place i call home. I felt almost alien and slightly unwelcome walking into a seemingly hidden world which in actual fact forms part of the true nature of our country. There seems to be no better way to explore such a place than with Nicola, Marco and the rest of the Lisof team. Thank you Nicola I look forward to the first issue of the Lisof magazine!

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