Read my lips

Read my lips


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I caught freedom and caged it

my mothers latest kill. some how there's a rebellion in her acts of taking out these innocent birds that infest the gaping hole in the ceiling above my bedroom balcony... my moms intentions are to rid the mess below. Victory. They are fewer and the pavement below is less stained. My heart pained to see his feathery body laying on the bricks below, still graceful in death.. ants approaching

A few days afterward this beautiful little fella came into my life one early morning. As I leaned forward to smother my lips in balm i glanced to the balcony and there perched a tired little blue bird. He shuffled along the edge as I desperately tried to catch him... dodging a pot plant and a chair. He escaped from somewhere close by but i couldn't help but steal his freedom from him. His name is Azzuro. My beautiful sign from the universe

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